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Ofigo Usage Example: No.3

17:Ofigo Usage Example: No.3

Ofigo Usage Example: No.3

"Ofigo Contract Management" has many convenient search functions.
Managing contracts by Excel is a good method, but it's hard to search contracts efficiently based on the management items.
The search functions on Ofigo are designed based on the management items. When you combine the search items, you can easily search contracts.

Search functions designed for the management items

Ofigo can manage many contract items such as contract name, contractor, agreement date and others.
The items deal several types of data and the search functions on Ofigo are designed based on each type of data.
For example, the search function to search the items such as agreement date is designed for the date data.
Concretely, user can input the date from calendar when searching contracts items, and user can search contracts specifying the term in the conditions.
Moreover, regarding the attached files, user can search not only the file name but also any characters in the file.

Abundant search options

Other than the search functions designed for the management items, Ofigo has the search options to help user search contracts efficiently.
For example, "blank search" to search the items which have no data, "NOT search" to search the items not to contain the conditions which user set and "full matching search" to search the items which match the input search conditions fully.
These can be set to each management items as the options.

Using the search functions makes it efficient to access the information and reduces time

Ofigo has the above functions and options to search contracts. Moreover, user can combine plural search conditions.
For example, user can specify a certain time period and set the search conditions to the items such as contractor, transaction amount and others.
Consequently, user can search the contract information in the detailed conditions and can access the information more efficient and speedier.
Moreover, since user can output the search result in csv format and in Excel, user can easily use the information.

If you use Ofigo contract management to manage your contracts, you can efficiently use the contract information within a time limit and you can create business opportunities.

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