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Advantages of Ofigo introduction: No.1

2:Advantages of Ofigo introduction: No.1

Advantages of Ofigo introduction

If you introduce Ofigo, you can manage the ledger in the system and your digitalised contracts, and you can check the contents of your contracts without seeing paper-contracts.
Furthermore, since Ofigo has the automatic email function, you can get the notice email at the renewal timing or before the expiration and you can effectively manage the deadline.

Manage digitalised contracts

When you keep and manage your paper-cpntracts or the copies of your contracts in your office or in your house, there are risks to damage or to lose them and a problem of the space to store them.
Moreover, if you keep your digitalised contracts data in your PC, you have risks to lose them because of the PC breakdown.
But if you manage digitalised contracts data in Ofigo, it helps you to reduce the space to store your paper-contracts and risks to lose your contracts data.

By using Ofigo, you can manage your contracts data by lines, so you can easily see and manage them.
Furthermore, you can easily check the relation of your contracts by managing your contracts data with the association management function in Ofigo.

Effective deadline management by automatic prior notice function

One of the convenient functions of Ofigo is the prior notice function.
If you store the digitalised contracts files in the file server, you can share their contents with others, but you cannot manage their deadline.
Since you can set the configuration of the prior notice function for each contract in Ofigo, you can send the notice to the people concerned with the contract at any timing.
And it helps you to prevent from missing the renewal of the contract and to effectively manage the contract deadline.

Moreover, as you can put the information registered with Ofigo to the prior notice mail, you can grasp the details of a contract by one prior notice mail.

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