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Tips to organize documents

5:Tips to organize documents

You can organize documents if you know the tips

The tip to organize the paper-documents is to sort out them necessary and unnecessary.
If you prepare the documents so that you can easily find them when you need, you can make your work efficiency better.
Since it can be high risk when you lose important documents, you should learn the skills to organize documents.

Concrete tips to organize documents

Let's organize your documents based on your task steps.
Depending on the volume of documents, it's difficult for one person to organize documents.
Therefore, you should organize them in cooperation with others.

Categorize documents into 4 types according to your task steps
First begin with categorizing documents according to your task steps.
The types you categorize are 4 types: "documents related to the projects in progress", "documents related to the ended projects", "documents you will need soon" and "documents you don't need to store".
By this categorizing, dispose the documents which are categorized as "documents you don't need to store".
If there are the documents which you might need later, you can leave them by securing the space to store them.
However, you should set the store term and dispose the old documents.
Index the categorized documents
If you find the documents which you need to store, index each document.
You should categorize the documents based on their priority, clients and others on this occasion.
Regarding the documents of the projects in progress, you should use document folders and document files for storing documents to enable to know their contents.
The more documents you store, the more importance to enable to find them easily increases.
Have a place to store the indexed documents
Have a place to store the documents you indexed.
You can easily organize documents if you set the rules, for example, "only the documents of the projects in progress can be put on the desk" and others.
Regarding the way to put documents, if you pile up documents flat on desk, it's difficult to find one of them.
Therefore, it's better to use book stands and to set documents against them.
When you store documents in cabinets, it's better to store them using partitions of the cabinets.
If you have the documents which you will not refer to but need to store for a certain period of time, store them together in warehouse and others.
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