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Contract types

3:Contract types

Contract knowledge which is required for social life

We have many opportunities to conclude contracts in social life.
Especially, for running a company or working for a company, we need the knowledge of contract.

Various types of contracts

Contracts have various types: regarding rental and sales of real and movable property, intellectual property, transaction, company operation and others.
A contract must be drawn up in every situation where a contractual relationship occurs.
Above all, some contracts which many companies are related to are explained here.

Labour contract necessary for human affairs
Labour contract is the document which is made when a company and a labourer make a labour agreement.
A labour agreement can be made orally, but almost all the companies make a labour contract in writing to avoid troubles after the labourer entered the company.
Companies are required to clearly indicate the working conditions by labour standard law.
Companies must inform labourers the items regarding labour period, working location, working hours, leaves, job description, salary and resignation, in writing.
NDA which decides on handling of personal information
NDA(Non-disclosure agreement) is the document which is concluded among inter-business or inter-personal for licence agreement, M&A, joint development and others.
It has the purpose to prevent from leaking the confidential information which the company has uniquely or the personal information and decides the items such as the purpose of using confidential information, permitted disclosure and duration.

There are many other types of contracts according to the companies and the industory types.
Depending on the type of the contract, its filling method is strictly prescribed.
Therefore, you need to take care to draw up the contract.

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