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Here are the articles which are the answers to the questions from our customers.

1:What is a contract?

A contract is a document which clarifies an agreement between both parties.
If you have concluded a contract, a legally binding occurs.
If a contract has the illegal contents, it won't be in effect.

2:Advantages of Ofigo introduction: No.1

One of the advantages to introduce Ofigo is that you can easily check the contents of contracts by managing the ledger on the system and your digitalised contracts.
Furthermore, since you can get the prior notice from Ofigo before the expiration date of a contract, you can manage the contract deadline.

3:Contract types

Contracts have various types: regarding rental and sales of real and movable property, intellectual property, transaction, company operation and others.
Some types of contract are defined in detail, for example, how to fill in.

4:Digitalizable documents

Digitalizable documents are, mainly, finacial book, contract, business report and others.
By saving documents as digital data, you can sort a lot of paper-documents and make your work more efficient.
However, digitalizing document requires to fullfill the conditions.

5:Tips to organize documents

The tip to organize the paper-documents is to sort out them necessary and unnecessary.
It's important to enable to easily find the needed documents.
Since it can be high risk when important documents are lost, you should learn the skills to organize documents.

6:What is filing?

"Filing" is the word which means the methods to organize documents and to store documents.
By filing documents, you can prevent losing documents and leaking information.
You should manage documents so that everyone can use them.

7:Effective information arranging method

Binders and files are useful to store paper-documents. By setting the items such as storage term and others and storing documents, you can easily take out the needed document. You can store documents after digitizing them.

8:The necessity to manage contracts

Contract management can prevent contracts loosing and leaking and save time to find contracts.
If you make a register to manage contracts, you can work more effective.
Digitizing contracts is one way to manage contracts.

9:Problems to store contracts in print

The problem to manage documents in print is that the paper is easy to be deteriorated.
Moreover, there are problems that it takes time to find a contract and it is easily lost.
You need to have the room to store printed contracts, and it costs you.

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