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Ofigo Usage Example: No.2

15:Ofigo Usage Example: No.2

Ofigo Usage Example: No.2

This article shows some usage examples of Ofigo.
Knowing what kind of problem regarding contract management the company which has introduced Ofigo had and how they have solved the problem by introducing Ofigo, you can understand the merit of introducing Ofigo.

Association management function

The company which introduced Ofigo had managed contracts by using list in Excel, however, it was hard to grasp the relation of contracts.
After introducing "Ofigo Contract Management", they can easily grasp not only the relation of the contracts but also the contents of the documents related with the contracts.

Automatic mail notification

Furthermore, the staffs of this company who are in charge of the contract management had to check with the staffs who are in charge of making/concluding the contracts, whether the said contracts need to be renewed or not, at the end of each month by email.
By using the automatic mail notification in Ofigo, they can reduce the time to do this task and can spend more time for other tasks.

Unitary management

In addition, each office of this company stores and manages contracts.
When the headquarters or an office needed to see a contract which is managed/stored in another office, they had to order the contract or ask to send PDF of the contract.
As another problem, since the headquarters didn't grasp the contracts which are managed/stored in each office, there were the contracts which have redundant contents with other contracts.
As the company digitized the contracts stored in each office while introducing Ofigo, they can manage the contracts in Ofigo unitarily.
By this management, they can easily share the contract information between each office, and they don't conclude the redundant contracts and can reduce the waste time.

Reduce the waste tasks by using "Ofigo Contract Management"

After introducing Ofigo, you can reduce the time for the above tasks and each member can spend more time for other tasks.
Moreover, you can manage the contracts by using Ofigo more safely than managing contracts in print.
Make your work more effectively using Ofigo.

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