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Contract management solutions

We support complete features
make contract management processes easily.

Ofigo provides a comprehensive solution for contract management, including digitization of hundreds or thousands of paper documents, configuration and migration preparation, system introduction and post-deployment maintenance and operations. Professionals with extensive experience and expertise will fully support your business.

  • Digitization of paper documents
  • Setting and migration preparation
  • System introduction
  • Maintenance support
  • Operation
Computerization of paper documents

In order to process important documents, the digitization of contracts requires solid experience and high reliability. We have experienced professionals who work for you in a safe working space.

Outsourcing of digitization
Configuration and migration preparation

We propose the best management project to make your job easier to operate. Also, in order to register with the system, we prepare data such as contract information and digital files for batch registration. Since we understand a lot of the work that Ofigo Contact Management performs, we can start up faster and safer.

Outsourcing of digitization
System introduction

Ofigo Contract Management can be used not only for local servers, but also for cloud environments. Based on your questions and needs, we propose the best system.

Maintenance support

From daily response to inquiries, upgrade to the latest program, and on-site follow-up in the event of a failure, we propose the necessary support services according to the customer's situation.


Contracts are generated daily even after the system is installed, so it is necessary to continue to digitize and register. For these daily operations, you can consult with us about work on each series of flows, such as digitization and registration work.

Outsourcing of digitization