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Ofigo Usage Example: No.1

14:Ofigo Usage Example: No.1

Ofigo Usage Example

This article shows some usage examples of Ofigo.
Knowing what kind of problem regarding contract management the company which has introduced Ofigo had and how they have solved the problem by introducing Ofigo, you can understand the merit of introducing Ofigo.

Efficient searching

One of the clients used to manage their contracts by the contracts list on Excel.
However, since each staff updates and modifies the list on their own way to type the characters, for example in uppercase and lowercase letters, other members should take time to search and find the contracts by any key words.
After introducing Ofigo, they can easily find the contracts with using "fuzzy search", it could make the search time less.
Moreover, using "NOT search", "blank search" and others in Ofigo, it could make searching contracts more efficient.


Other Ofigo customer used to store the contracts on paper.
Since there were many contracts on paper, they had to have the room to store them.
And when the management department had got any inquiries regarding contracts, they had to find the target contract from a pile of contracts and had to answer the inquiries.
These inquiries occurred about 6 per day.
After digitizing the contracts on paper and introducing Ofigo, they could reduce the labor and the time to find target contract and solve the problem to have room to store their contracts.
Furthermore, they could reduce 3 man-days regarding the inquiries per month.

Efficient and easy contract management

The work regarding contracts can be labor and trouble, but contracts are important documents for the business with the clients.
Manage your contracts safely and efficiently by "Ofigo contract management".

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