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Japanese Contract Culture

12:Japanese Contract Culture

Japanese Contract Culture

This article introduces the contract culture of Japan where "Ofigo Contract Management" was born.
There are many unique customs and styles of Japanese contract culture.
They may be interesting to the people living in the countries other than Japan.

"Paper contract-supremacism"

The Japanese business community has had some kind of "Paper contract-supremacism" for a long time.
As electronic contract systems have become more popular these days in Japan, the said thought has got weaker.
However, some companies still have this policy.
This may be interesting to the people living in the countries where electronic contract systems have been popular already.

Not signature, but seal

When people living in the countries, for example US, European countries and others, make a contract, they sign it.
Of course, signature has legal effect also in Japan, however, "seal" is common.
If a person makes a contract, he/she uses the seal carved his/her name.
If a company makes a contract, the seal carved its name is used.
For electronic contract systems, the electronic stamps whose shape seem like real seal are preferred in Japan.

Ofigo developed based on Japanese contract culture

Based on Japanese contract culture, "Ofigo contract management" was developed.
However, as "Ofigo contract management" has the many convenience functions such as the various management items, the flexible access authorization and others, Ofigo can be your good partner to manage your contracts.

That contracts are important documents in business is common in all countries.
Use "Ofigo contract management" and manage your contracts effectively and correctly.

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