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Digitalizable documents

4:Digitalizable documents

Digitalizable documents

Digitalizable documents are, mainly, finacial book, contract, business report and others.
For saving documents as data, you are required to fullfill certain conditions decided by law.
However, not every document is allowed to be digitalized.

Requirements for digitalizing documents

For digitalizing the documents which are required to be preserved by law, there are 4 requirements: "readability", "integrity", "secrecy" and "searchability".

The requirement of "readability" is you can display the digitalized documents with the devices such as dispalys when you need, or you can confirm the contents of the documents after printing them.
Therefore, the digital devices to scan documents are required to have proper gradation and resolution.

For the requirement of "integrity", you need to take steps to prevent losing and damaging documents during their storage period.
Moreover, if there is any falsification or loss of the documents, you need to confirm the fact.

The requirement of "secrecy" is you need to manage the documents to prevent from unauthorised access.
You need to prevent from any access by the unauthorised people and to achieve the safe management of documents.

The definition of "searchability" is to manage documents in order to immediately confirm them when you need.
In order to search documents, let's make it enable to search documents, based on the business form, not only by company name and file name but also by contract conclusion date.

You can digitalize documents by meeting the above requirements.

Typical examples of digitalizable documents

There are many types of digitalizable documents: financial book, settlement document, invoice and etc.

-Accounting book
-Inventory list of documents related settlement of accounts
-Evidence document
-Sales report
-Business report
-Annexed specification
-Member registry, member list
-Voting form

The above is a part of the digitalizable documents.
If you store paper-documents as digital data, you can sort them and make your work more efficient.

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