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Advantages of Ofigo introduction: No.2

10:Advantages of Ofigo introduction: No.2

Advantages of Ofigo introduction

"Ofigo Contract Management" cooperates with electronic agreement systems.
Specifically, Ofigo automatically fetches the contracts data concluded in the electronic agreement systems in a time period such as night.
Therefore, you can manage not only contracts in paper but also electronic contracts in Ofigo.
Moreover, since Ofigo fetches the data with using API which electronic agreements systems provide, it reduces time to register the data manually, and it can be help your work more effective.

What is "Ofigo Contract Management"

"Ofigo Contract Management" is the system with various convenient functions such as search functions, automatic mail notification function, contracts associating function and others.
Since you can register the contracts data and the PDF files of the concluded contracts, you can easily find the needed contracts.

Advantages of electronic agreement systems

One of the advantages by concluding the contracts in electronic agreement systems is that you can easily conclude the contracts with the party being far from your location.
Furthermore, since you electronically conclude contracts, the cost of paper and the labor to print them out won't be incurred.
Since the contracts data are electronic, although the contracts in paper can be deteriorated, you can semipermanently store the data unless you don't delete them.
That you can easily check the contracts since you can store them as data is the advantage.

Advantages of cooperation of "Ofigo Contract Management" with electronic agreement systems

"Ofigo Contract Management" can automatically fetch the contracts data concluded in the electronic agreement systems.
Ofigo can fetch not only the PDF data of the electronic contracts but also the information such as contract name and others, it can reduce the labor of registering data with the system.
To cooperate Ofigo with electronic agreement systems, all you have to do is set the IDs and the keys for the system cooperation in the electronic agreement systems.
Ofigo can fetch the data from electronic agreement systems seamlessly.

By managing the contracts in paper and the electronic contracts in Ofigo, it can promote the effective utilization of the contracts information and can make your work more effective.

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