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:What is filing?

6:What is filing?

Filing documents in order to enable everyone to find the needed documents

"Filing" is the word which means the methods to organize documents and to store documents, and it is the method to improve work environment.
By filing documents, you can prevent from losing documents and leaking information.
You should manage documents so that everyone can use them.
Paper-documents and digital files are basically filed using the same method.

The more documents you manage, the more the necessity of filing increases

The more documents you store and dispose of, the greater the impact on your work flow by thorough management of documents is.
Since plain categorization makes it easy to find documents and reduces loss of time, it helps make the efficiency of your work better.
In addition, it can reduce storage room and can prevent from losing documents.

It helps change mindset of document management

By sharing the documents with everyone, it helps prevent from appropriating documents and improves management level of organization.
Heightening awareness of each member to share documents leads to improving the environment of work space.
You can smoothly transmit information within organization.

Especially, the documents containing work flow and manual should be in the condition where everyone can read.
If an individual keeps these documents oneself, people can not smoothly take over work from him/ her when he/ she transfers or quits.

Regarding digital filing which converts documents to data

By converting a large amount of documents to data and managing them, it makes your work more efficient.
Digital filing doesn't require storage room and has the advantage which enables you to find the documents out of a large amount of data.

However, when you convert paper-documents to data, you need to execute security countermeasure.
You need to focus on the mangement of important documents since you can easily make copies of the documents if you electronically file them.
Therefore, you need to make it easy to know where the original documents are and which document is latest.

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