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Simple, intuitive and fully functional contract management system

Ofigo Contract Management is a system dedicated to the management and operation of contract documents, which can centrally manage various contract information. The product improves contract management efficiency that relies on manual processes and helps develop new business opportunities and enforces compliance with the thorough management of their expiration dates and authorizations.

Main screen of Ofigo Contract Management
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Ofigo offers three types of contract management

Central management Ofigo achieves "centralized management" within the company by collecting contract documents stored at headquarters and branches. It enables employees to check contract details from a PC on their desktop and facilitate the sharing of information between relevant people.
Expiration management Ofigo provides "expiration date management" to monitor a large number of contract documents that have expired or are about to expire. Automatically notify by email to prevent errors, such as not renewing a contract.
Authority management Implement secure "authorization management". User rights-based access control prevents information disclosure. For example, restrict unrelated personnel from accessing highly confidential contracts and prohibit those who are not responsible for contracts from editing and updating contracts.
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Do you have the following problems and trouble?
Ofigo Contract Management solves these problems for you!

  • I don't want to spare time and labor...I want to confirm
    the content
    of the contract immediately.

    Unitary management and sharing Resolve!
  • I want to be careful, but...I want to reduce my careless mistakes,
    such as missing the expiration date.

    automatic mail notification Resolve!
  • I can't find the contract I need...I want to
    "Full Text Search"
    certain keywords.

    Powerfule search function Resolve!
  • I don't understand the information in acount book...I want to see the contents of the original text.

    Function to attach original documents Resolve!
  • There may be other contracts and memorandums...I want to view the contract related to this contract.

    Association management function Resolve!
  • Due to confidential information ...I don't want unrelated people to see the contract.

    Access control Resolve!