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Advantages of Ofigo introduction: No.3

11:Advantages of Ofigo introduction: No.3

Advantages of Ofigo introduction

"Ofigo Contract Management" is the system to unitarily manage the contracts within the company and to share the information of the contracts with the concerned people, but the system has many convenience functions to manage the contracts by person.
By correctly managing the contracts with your clients, you can strengthen the relationship with your clients and can expand the business opportunities.

Tip to manage the contracts by person in Ofigo

The tip to manage the contracts by person in Ofigo is to use "view".
You can save the result of searching in any criteria in the view.
For example, if you have saved the result of searching the company name and the contract term in the view, you can easily grasp the transaction with your client in the term.
Moreover, by managing transaction amount in the management item, you can manage the sales from your clients.
Only you can see the views which you made.
Therefore, other users cannot see your views.
Since you can save the view in any name and save plural views, you can use the views based on your purposes.

High security with access authorization

You set the access authorization by the item "attribute" in Ofigo.
Since you can set the access authorization based on the type of contracts, charged department and others, you can set the access authorization in detail.
By using "user" and "group" for the access authorization, not only you but also your superior and colleague can see the contracts and can share the contract information with them who you allow.

Merit to manage the contracts of your clients in Ofigo

By managing the contracts of your clients in Ofigo, you can prevent from forgetting to renew the contract.
Since Ofigo has the automatic mail notification, it can prevent you from forgetting to renew the contract and you can keep the relationship with your clients.
Furthermore, you can make a proper proposal at the proper timing based on the contract information registered with Ofigo and you can expect the business expansion.

Contracts are important documents in which you and your client agreed the terms and conditions of the transaction.
Correctly managing these important documents keeps the good relationship with your clients.
Manage your contracts in "Ofigo Contract Management" correctly!

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