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Tips to organize documents

7:Effective information arranging method

Information arranging method to efficiently store documents

There are various sorts of contracts such as rental contract, outsourcing contract, sales contract and others.

Information arranging method by using stationery

As you must not lose the contracts, you should arrange the documents by using stationery such as folders, files and others.
You can store contracts after digitizing them. If you know the information arranging method, you can make your work more efficient.

Effective paper-contracts storing method
Binders and files are useful to store paper-contracts.
If you have set the items such as "department in charge", "storage term" and others and store paper-documents, you can smoothly take out the contract when you need it.
By dividing the storage space to blocks, you can easily take out the needed contracts.
These days, the electronic contract has penetrated, but many companies have still used paper-contracts.
Once you have lost a paper-contract, it is difficult to reissue it.
Therefore, you shuold handle it with the utmost care.
Storing paper-contractgs after digitizing them
You can digitize paper-contracts and store them in PC or in server.
If you store paper-contracts, there are risk to lose them and difficulty to find the needed contract from the piled contracts, however, once you have digitized contracts, you can quickly find the needed contract when you need it.
Furthermore, you can store the contracts and the other related digital documents together.
You can check them by the mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet and others.
However, for digitizing paper-contracts, you need some scanner or multi-function copier since you have to scan and convert contracts into data.
You should check the page number and the order of the documents which you will digitize and you should scan the document after repairing it if it has any damaged part.
If you have digitized contracts, you can store them in PC, but you should set the sorting rule by clarifying their folder names and their file names.
Keep in mind to sort documents meeting your uses.
In doing so, you can easily find the needed contract when you need it.
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