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Introduction of functions

Powerful search functions

Provides powerful search functions such as full-text search and fuzzy search

One of the features of Ofigo contract management is its powerful search function. "Full text search" allows users to search for any word in the digital file without registering the search word in advance. In addition, it offers a variety of search functions such as "fuzzy search" that can be searched without distinguishing between uppercase and lowercase letters, which tend to be inconsistent.

full text search and fuzzy search

More various search functions are provided

Word/period search

Based on the search conditions set when registering data, you can search by specifying words, time periods, and attachments.

search condition in accordance with attribute type
Reverse condition (NOT search)

The search result is other than the specified search condition.


Searches for contracts whose attribute values are not set.

Exact match

Search for contracts that match search conditions exactly, not partial matches.

Preview search

Ofigo Contract Management Enterprise Edition also has a "Preview Search" feature. "Preview search" is a search method that is useful when you want to narrow down further by searching only from the current search results.

With simple search, "you just search something temporarily".

Simple search

If you click "simple search" on the upper of main screen, small window for search condtion appears. Based on condition specified here, every attribute (column) is searched. You can easily search something like "you just search something with any key word temporarily".