Ofigo® Contract Management Enterprise

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Introduction of functions

Association management function

Convenient "association management" function, you can grasp the relevant contract at a glance

Ofigo contract management allows individual contracts and memorandums linked to basic contracts to be managed in a tree format. Also, not only "parent-child relationship" but also "other than parent-child" can be linked. When searching, pegging is displayed in a tree format, so you can see the relationship at a glance.

Two types of association management.

Ofigo Contract Management Enterprise Edition has two types of association management

two kinds of association management
  1. Associating "parent-child relationship"

    You can manage "individual contracts", "memorandums", and other contracts in "parent-child relationships" in a tree format.

  2. Associating "other than parent-child relationship"

    It can also be associated with a contract other than "parents and children" in another tree (shown as a dotted line on the tree). Entities are in different locations, and if you edit one, it will be reflected in both locations.

One click to expand and collapse tree

Simply click the icons [+] and [-] to expand and collapse the tree in the parent-child relationship.

Open and close tree

From the buttons on the screen, you can expand and collapse the entire tree at once, and display/hide contracts that are linked to "other than parent and child".

bulk open and close tree