Ofigo® Contract Management Enterprise

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Introduction of functions

Unitary management & sharing

Unitary management of a large number of contracts to support smooth information sharing

Quickly check the necessary contracts when you need them. Utilizing Ofigo contract management, centralized management of contracts scattered throughout the company is realized. Users can check the details of contracts at any time from their own PCs, enabling smooth information sharing across the bases and departments.

Information sharing image

Customized system, easy to use

Each user can save multiple "screen layout (display/hide attribute, sort, width, etc.)" and "search conditions" ("View" function).
By switching this "view", you can immediately see, for example, "the contract list that you are in charge of, adjusted for easy viewing" with one click.


Smooth sorting of attributes (columns)

The sorting of attributes (columns) can also be set by operating directly from the main screen.

Attributes sorting

Can be pasted into Microsoft® Excel®

You can select and copy multiple contract information on the main screen and paste it directly into MicrosoftR ExcelR.

Microsoft® Excel® への貼り付け